Supporting the educational and outreach efforts of the equine programs at Michigan State is “Friends of The MSU Horse Teaching and Research Center”, an organization created by a concerned group of Arabian enthusiasts committed to ensuring the continued use of Arabian horses within the teaching programs at MSU. Membership dues are used to support student-related activities at the Center, while most significantly, “Friends” funds entries, travel and lodging for students competing with the MSU Arabian horses at all local, regional and national horse shows.  In 2011, Friends made an important step to ensuring the legacy of the Arabian Horse at Michigan State by establishing the “The Endowment for the Preservation of the Arabian Breeding Program at MSU”. Endowment funding is supported by membership dues and annual fund raising activities, including the annual MSU Friends Arabian Horse Show conducted on campus at the MSU Pavilion. Proceeds from the endowment, when fully funded, will partially be used to fund breeding costs for the use of outside top-quality stallions, ensuring students access to the highest quality Arabians possible. Funding for the endowment is currently being solicited at all levels, through membership in Friends as well through outside sources. The aim of the endowment is to ensure the maintenance and expansion of a world-class breeding and teaching program at Michigan State University for the 21st century and beyond, with the Arabian horse at the center of all endeavours.

The Michigan State University Horse Teaching and Research Center Walking Tour consists of six tour stops, starting with the main building and arena and continuing on to the lower barn. Dr. Karen Waite, the facility’s faculty coordinator, leads the tour. The podcast includes interesting details of ways the facilities are used for research and learning. This .mp3 audio file is 16MB in size and 10:57 in length. You may play the audio file online or download it here. Hit pause as you walk from one station to the next.